The Best USB-C Fast Chargers for Android, iPhone, iPad and MacBook

Making the decision to buy a phone charger is something that can make you dizzy. The reason is, you may want to buy an good quality charger, but you are confused about which one to choose. So that you don't have to worry too much about choosing a device to charge your cellphone, here I have some recommendations for the best phone charger according to my research.

How to choose the best charger for your cellphone?

Before entering into product recommendations, I have some tips on buying a charger that you can consider:

1. Choose the charger with the best output

When you want to buy a phone charger, make sure you know how much power can be used to charge your cellphone. Thus, you can weigh how much output is needed to fully charge the phone. This is related to the many charger brands on the market that promise large output but are in fact slow in charging. Because the greater the output power that a charger has, it doesn't necessarily match your cellphone. Moreover, if your cellphone does not have fast charging facilities. For that, select the appropriate charger.

2. Choose a charger from a brand with a good reputation

Yes, this is very important to do when considering the many charger brands that are out there. You have to know which brands have been in the charging business for a long time, so that the reputation of the company can be seen. If you are careless in buying a charger for your cellphone, it could be that your cellphone will be damaged later. It could be that your battery performance will decrease or become bloated. So, choose a product from a trusted manufacturer.

3. Choose a charger with the required number of ports

You must determine how many ports will be needed in a charger. If you only need to charge for one device, choose the one port charger. However, if more than one item needs to be charged, choose a charger with multiple ports.

The Best USB Phone Charger

Here are some of the best cellphone chargers on the market:

1. Anker PowerPort III 65W Pod Lite
The Best USB-C Fast Chargers

Anker PowerPort III 65W Pod Lite is a USB C Charger, PIQ 3.0 PPS Compact Fast Charger Adapter for MacBook Pro/MacBook Air, Samsung Galaxy S10/S20/S21, Samsung Galaxy Note 10/20, iPhone 11/12/13, iPad Pro, Google Pixel, Dell XPS 13 and More.

The Best USB-C Fast Chargers for Android, iPhone, iPad and MacBook
Anker USB-C Phone Charger

The Best USB-C Fast Chargers for Android, iPhone, iPad and MacBook
Anker USB-C Charger for MacBook Laptop  >> See product details

If you want the fast charger that’ll charge your phone at the fastest speeds, we recommend the single-port Anker PowerPort III 65W Pod Lite. That’s enough power to charge most phones, whether you have a MacBook, iPad, latest iPhone, a latest Samsung Galaxy S/Note model, a Google Pixel handset, or some other Android phone with fast charging feature more than halfway full in just 30 minutes.  

This charger is the best replacement from the regular charger. This charger also perfect for college students who bring their MacBook and iPad because this charger is small, attractive, inexpensive enough to have a couple lying around or in a bag and works perfectly. 

2.  Spigen PowerArc 40W ArcStation Pro USB C Wall Charger

If you want to get the fastest charge possible to two devices at once, The Spigen PowerArc 40W ArcStation Pro is the best of the few options available. When a single port is in use, it charges at up to 30 watts. When you use the two USB-C ports at the same time, both support full 20 Watt charging, so you can charge two phones at top speed, an iPhone’s battery will go from 0% to more than 50% charged in a half hour, whereas in the same amount of time on the charger the iPhone comes with, it would be at about 20%. This kind of dual–USB-C charger is still pretty rare, and the PowerArc 40W ArcStation Pro represents the best execution of it.

The Best Dual Port USB-C Fast Chargers for Android, iPhone, iPad and MacBook
Spigen PowerArc 40W ArcStation Pro USB C Wall Charger

Spigen USB C Wall Charger with 40W Dual USB C Charger, 30W Max Each Port, Foldable Fast Charger for iPhone 12/13, iPad Pro, MacBook, Samsung Galaxy S21, Samsung Galaxy Note 20, Google Pixel, and more.

The Best  USB-C Chargers
Spigen PowerArc 40W ArcStation Pro  >> See product details

By replacing Silicon semiconductor, every components in charger could be closer together. More power can be packed into a much smaller space. Gallium Nitride (GaN) Chip is capable of transmitting power 1,000 times more than chargers using Silicon. Thus, it's able to achieve faster charging with high efficiency. With Higher charging efficiency that other silicon charger, it intelligently controls the heat and charging output. Thus, it lasts longer and reduces damage to your device than other chargers.

Spigen PowerArc 40W ArcStation Pro is an excellent charger, the product is really well made, nice soft touch finish and strong LED light so you know what's going on with the charging ports. It is small, and importantly the prongs fold in. So it can be very easily stored in a bag. It also has two USB-C ports that will charge at 20w, making it perfect for charging an iPhone and an iPad.

Well, that's the best USB phone charger according to my research and opinion. Thank you for reading. I hope it's useful.

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