The Best Surge Protector For TV, PC Gaming, Computer, etc in The US and UK

Your household electronic products are valuable, and electrical power surge protectors are the initial line of defense. Many different types of electrical power surge protectors can be purchased, but all of them are built to protect your own electric devices from hazardous electricity spikes and surges.

Just about any piece of electronic devices contains extremely vulnerable components which might be immediately destroyed by voltage surges and spikes. Any time this particular damage happens, it could be expensive or even very unlikely to fixable. Regular variances in your residence's power source may not be always apparent, and perhaps they are more widespread than you can ever recognize.

Electric power surge protectors geared to the wants of just about all your electronic devices are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. These devices can provide surge protection to your entire home or office and can be no more than an individual outlet right up 12 outlets.

You might want to learn several things regarding electrical power surge/spike protectors, like just how they are able to be so valuable and the way in which they will work. In other words, these products stop power spikes and surges from destroying your electronic equipment.

How do power spikes and surges differ?

The key differentiation will be the length, with surges lasting somewhat longer when compared to electrical spikes. Most people recognize that lightning strikes produce harmful power spikes, yet smaller spikes and surges in voltage happen somewhat frequently.

These kinds of smaller electrical power spikes and surges will sometimes end up being substantial enough to be able to damage the electric products at home. Frequently, they do not result in damage that's immediately obvious, yet because your devices are put through more and more current variances, it will start to be affected and its life-span will probably be reduced.

A surge protector transfers electric power which surpasses the correct voltage, grounding it by way of wiring within the outlet. It is a entirely safe process which protects your gadgets. The current market provides various sorts of power surge/spike protectors, so it is critical to know what specific qualities you need to look for.

Your first decision relates to the quantity of surge protectors you'll need. Don't think that simply large groups of equipment have to be shielded. When you only want to protect a single gadget and you don't wish to use a big multi-outlet strip style of surge protector, just one of the individual electric outlet power surge and spike protectors that are available can be an ideal choice.

Make certain that your spike protector incorporates a built-in fuse. It should add extra defence if there's an electrical spike or surge that may be too big to be earthed normally throughout the surge protector's cables. It's also wise to be certain there is a warranty against harm that may occur to equipment when it is connected into your surge protector.

Multiple socket power surge protectors tend to be the most common style. While thinking of one of these protectors you will have lots of selections to pick from. Several are coded to assist you to recognize which gadget each and every outlet is attached to, which saves you the irritation of tracing all of your power cables back to their particular locations just to be capable to identify what one you intend to unplug. Multi-surge protectors come in many different sizes and shapes to best match the space you have available.

The Best Surge Protector - Recommendation

After trying several surge protectors, I found that the following products are the best when compared to similar products. Tripp Lite's 12-Outlet Surge Protector offers economical AC surge suppression for protection of workstations, PCs, telecom systems, Home electronics and other sensitive equipment. The TLP1208TLTV features 12 outlets, an 8 ft. cord with a space-saving right-angle plug, and diagnostic LEDs to warn of suppressor damage. The unit has a surge suppression rating of 2,880 Joules to shield equipment from line noise and the strongest surges.

1. Tripp Lite TLP1208TELTV 12 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip

Tripp Lite TLP1208TELTV 12 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip  >> See product details

This surge protector was one of the best at preventing extra voltage from reaching its outlets. It also safely stops all power once the protection wears out, and it has 12 AC outlets plus coaxial and phone ports. 

Tripp Lite is the smart choice for protecting your valuable equipment. This surge protector defends computers and electronics from damaging surges and disruptive line noise. If it is ever damaged by a surge, Tripp Lite will replace it, and connected equipment is covered too. This surge protector is perfect for home and office electronics of all kinds, including computers, monitors, printers, wireless routers, televisions, video game consoles, streaming media players, sound systems, device chargers, DVRs, fax machines, broadband modems, desk lamps and small appliances.

Tripp Lite TLP1208TELTV 12 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip  >> See product details

I’m loving this surge protector. This is a must product to have if you want a decent surge protector with multiple plugs. First thing I will note about this product is that it does not have too much space for power bricks on this. It has a good amount of length from the actual device which is nice. You do not have to worry about it being too short. It also makes it very easy to organize your cables a bit easier. 

It can power up to 12 devices which makes it ideal for your TV or computer setup. I normally would use this for my TV setup as there are several things that need power and this makes quick work of that. The overall design is nice but it definitely does not give a ton of room for those devices with power brick plugs at the end of them. 

The plugs inside are sturdy so you do not have to worry about any cable easily being pulled out. It does not generate too much heat but keep it in open air if possible. Overall this is a good surge protector to have. You get a ton of plugs so you do not have to worry about running out of ports. Be aware to not overload the surge protector and I think this is great device to have.

2. Accell Power Air - Surge Protector and USB Charging Station

Accell Power Air - Surge Protector and USB Charging Station  >> See product details

The Accell Power Air features 6 adapter-spaced outlets. Its round, flat design is perfect for placement on a desk or conference room table, providing easy access to multiple power outlets. The two USB charging ports feature smart chips to provide a combined 2.4A of fast charging for USB powered devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and portable music players. The Accell Power Air offers 1080 Joules of powerful protection for all your electronic devices. It also features a 15 Amp circuit breaker to safely shut off power to your plugged devices in the case of a power surge.

This is a must product to have if you want a decent surge protector with multiple plugs as well as two USB charging ports. Accell Power Air is a great product. I thought that the USB slots would not be useful, but they work absolutely fine. The material and overall quality is awesome. It can be mounted anywhere at your home easily without drilling any holes, perfect for the entertainment center. I plugged up everything with no problem. The plugs fit tight and I like that. Great for supplying power to multiple electronics, cell phones, etc. Small enough, the outlets are decently spaced. 

Well, that's the best surge protector according to my research and opinion. Thank you for reading, I hope it's useful.

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