The Best Stylus for iPad in The US and UK - Apple Pencil Alternatives

iPad stylus is becoming the popular accessory of the iPad. Though, it doesn't come with the whole package, you can easily purchase one for yourself. The price usually ranges between $10 to $150. But before you go to your favorite gadget store, you must first know the advantages of having one and what's best out there.

The Best Stylus for iPad Other Than Apple Pencil

Using an iPad stylus, you can easily jump to the next area from one area. You can easily navigate through your system without the use of your fingers. Most people use stylus for their mobile phones, why not take that to your advantage.

It gives you aesthetic benefit. It's not a pretty sight seeing people typing through their iPads when in a meeting. It gives you a sense of professionalism when you jot notes through your iPad using a stylus, just like the old times when you use to take down notes to your yellow notebook.

Those are just some of the advantages when you use a stylus. And there are a lot of styluses you can see in the market, not just one. And so, you have to choose the best iPad stylus.

The Best Stylus for Your iPad - Recommendation:

1. ZAGG Pro Stylus

ZAGG Pro Stylus for iPad
ZAGG Pro Stylus

The Best Stylus Alternatives for iPad
ZAGG Pro Stylus , universal capacitive back end tip, compatible with iPad  >> See product details

The Zagg Pro Stylus automatically pairs with any iPad 2017 or newer. This stylus is really good and precise. This is a great substitute for the Apple pen, works just as great as the Apple Pencil. Very responsive and the battery lasts a very long time, lasts up to nine hours before it needs to be recharged. Less expensive than Apple Pencil and works just as well.

2. Jamjake Stylus Pen for iPad

Jamjake Stylus Pen for iPad
Jamjake Stylus Pen for iPad

The Best Stylus for iPad Other Than Apple Pencil in The US and UK
Jamjake Stylus Pen for iPad  >> See product details

The stylus pen is slim and lightweight, palm rejection rests your hand comfortably on the screen while writing or drawing. The pencil tip made of high-quality silicone, all as natural as a traditional pencil, high responsive, no skips, no lagging, no noise. The latest tilt-sensing technology makes freedom for writing and drawing, the thickness of the line can be changed according to the stylus different angles.

This is an amazing alternative if you are trying to not spend over $120 for an apple pencil, which is why I mainly bought it. Screen to pen contact is on point, no lag, no problems even getting it first started. There are three tips that come with it, along with a top cover that allows you to protect it if it gets thrown in a bag, palm rejection works well and the battery life is perfect.

Well, that's the best stylus for iPad/Apple pencil alternatives according to my research and opinion. Thank you for reading, I hope it's useful.

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