The Best Mattresses For Stomach Sleepers in The USA and UK

Did you know that your sleeping position can also affect how well you sleep every night? The way you sleep is a huge factor in the quality of sleep you enjoy. For this reason, picking the wrong bed can mean discomfort and sleeplessness, thus, you need to find the right bed when purchasing a new one. Remember that you need to take into account your sleeping position when you are choosing a mattress.

Ever wake up with horrible back and neck pain and don't know why? It could be anything from the way you are sleeping to the type of mattress you are using. When you wake up in pain, your entire day is thrown off, making you miserable and destroying your mood. Choosing the right mattress for your sleep position can drastically impact every aspect of your life, not just your mood. You want a mattress that is designed for you and your sleep style for several reasons such as pain relief, comfort, and sleep disorders such as insomnia or your lifestyle.

You have to realize that depending on your sleeping position, different parts of your body will be in contact with the mattress. Here are some tips to help you choose the right mattress for your sleeping style.

Sleeping On Your Stomach

When you sleep on your stomach, the flattest area of your body is in contact with the bed; thus, it is only natural to look for a bed with a firmer top layer. With this sleeping position, you need to find a mattress that will keep you afloat instead of providing you with a sunken feeling. If you choose a soft or medium-firm mattress, you might suffer from back aches since your spine will take too much pressure if your pelvis will sink into the bed.

Probably the hardest mattress to find is a comfortable one for stomach sleepers. When sleeping on your stomach it is vital that you have a supportive, but not a stiff mattress. There is a significant difference in the two. You want to keep the body afloat on the mattress while keeping the spine aligned. Too firm of a mattress can cause neck and chest pain while sleeping on your stomach. Too soft of a mattress will cause your body to sink into the bed and create unbearable back pain.

The Best Mattresses For Stomach Sleepers - Recommendations:

If you turn in for the night by belly-flopping onto your bed, you should consider a mattress that’s on the firmer side of medium-firm to support and cushion your midsection while keeping your spine properly aligned. 

The Best Mattresses For Stomach Sleepers
Stearns & Foster Estate Rockwell Luxury Plush Mattress  >> See product details

With the conventional feel of a supportive innerspring, this mattress keeps the spines of stomach-sleepers aligned while also cradling the ribs with pressure-relieving memory foam. The Stearns & Foster Estate is a sturdy, medium-firm mattress that should keep your spine properly aligned if you’re a stomach-sleeper, even as gravity pulls your hips and belly downward. 

Well, that's the best mattresses recommendation according to my research. Choosing a good mattress is essential for many reasons, but your comfort takes priority over them all. Don't suffer from an achy back, neck or shoulders because you don't want to invest in a good mattress. And be sure to check that the mattress you want to buy suits the type and size of your bed frame. A good night's sleep is worth every penny spent on an excellent quality and comfortable mattress.

Thank you for reading. Good luck.

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