The Best Latex Mattress in The USA and UK

Finding the best latex mattress can be a bit tricky. Before you go out shopping, you need to gather your facts together so you can make a truly informed decision. Only then can you resist the sales pressure and misleading tactics that are, unfortunately, the typical norm when mattress shopping.

Latex mattresses typically feel springier and are more breathable than mattresses made from memory foam or polyfoam, but some models can feel stiff or overly elastic. They also tend to be more expensive than regular foam mattresses. Because latex is intrinsically more durable, latex mattresses can be a good choice if you weigh more than 200 pounds or want a bed that lasts longer than the typical 10-year-warranty for foam beds. 

You deserve to have a good rest and sleep peacefully on a bed that is very comfortable to rejuvenate your body from a very tiring day. If you feel like your mattress is not as good as it was before then it is time to change it and purchase a better mattress.

In buying a the best latex mattress, it is your top priority to get a mattress that is comfortable but comfort should be accompanied with durability that could last over time. Mattresses made of latex can give comfort and durability both at the same time.

There are a lot of latex mattresses available in the market so it is important that you research all about the necessary information before you make any major decision on what mattress to invest. Read through this so you can get some ideas on how to get the best latex mattress for you.

Latex mattresses are made of natural latex, artificial latex, or a combination of both. If you want to go for "green" option, you can invest on 100% organic latex. This is made from rubber tree sap, and since it is 100% natural, it is free from any artificial materials, thus it makes the bed safer for the user and the environment. It is true that 100% organic latex mattress is more expensive compared to the synthetic one, but it is worth the investment.

You can be assured that the materials used are anti-dust mites, hypo-allergenic, and anti-bacterial, and long-lasting. However, if you are considering the price, you can go for the mixture of both artificial and natural latex if you want a less expensive but its characteristics are not as excellent as the organic one. After all, you want the best latex mattress.

When you buy a latex mattress, you have to check the size of the pin core holes. It is said that the larger the pin core holes the better, because it adds to the durability of the mattress and it makes it more comfortable to use.

Consider buying a latex mattress from a reliable manufacturer. Reliable companies usually offer at least 10 years warranty and replacement assurance for at least a year or two. See to it that you have the copy of the warranty and guarantee so you will not experience any difficulty just in case you needed replacement for the product you purchased.

Below I recommend some of the best mattresses based on my opinion:

The Best Latex Mattress in The USA and UK
LUCID 12 Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress - Memory Foam - Responsive Latex  >> See product details

The Best Latex Mattress
Sunrising Bedding 8 inchNatural Latex Twin Mattress, Individually Encased Pocket Coil, Firm, Supportive, Naturally Cooling, Organic Mattress, 20-Year Warranty  >> See product details

You can also consider purchasing the best latex mattress that offers freebies such as free bed sheets, latex pillows, and the likes so that you can have a better and full relaxing experience with your newly purchased latex mattress. 

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