The Best iPad Wireless Keyboard Cases in The US and UK

Trying to find the best Bluetooth wireless keyboard case for your iPad can be tricky, with all the choice available to you on sites like Amazon. Sure, you'll want a product that will keep your tablet safe and will improve your typing experience, but the visual department can be just as important for some, especially when you'll be bringing your iPad with you on the go.

Most tablet users looking for the best Bluetooth iPad keyboard case do so when they come across two problems with their tablet that need urgent attention. The first relates to the need for a better keyboard. Now, the touchscreen keyboard is a fantastic feature of the iPad, but for most users that type extensively, it just cannot keep up with the rate of typing. If you regularly use the Pages application to type copious amounts of text in one sitting, or you craft plenty of lengthy, elaborate emails, then you will understand how sketchy the touchscreen can be. 

The first issue is the fact that the keys are all flat, so you have no way of knowing whether you have actually hit the key, especially when you are typing at speed. This can easily result in a text or email that is absolutely full of spelling errors, which can leave you frustrated when having to go back through and check over pages of text.

The second problem is how vulnerable the iPad's casing is. If you haven't come across a hairline scratch on your screen or the aluminium casing on the back yet, your house must be made of cotton wool. I only say this because it is just that easy to give your tablet battle scars from the slightest of scrapes across a coffee table, or slight bumps and knocks in your bag. This is why it's vital to invest in a good quality iPad case to keep your investment in the best possible condition.

So where can you find a case that combines both these features in an excellent, affordable package? Well, after searching around myself for hours upon hours, I came across several products which I have found to be the best iPad keyboard case:

1. ZAGG - ProKeys Wireless Keyboard and Detachable Case for iPad

The Best iPad Wireless Keyboard Cases
Zagg Pro Keys for iPad  >> See product details

Zagg Pro Keys wireless keyboard & detachable case has everything you need to make any surface an effective workspace. They have developed a Pro keyframe with smooth, precise key travel for fast, accurate touch typing. The case allows your stylus to attach magnetically to your iPad. And they have included all the extras for an ideal user experience including forward-facing speaker cutouts, backlit keys, and an adjustable stand.

I love this keyboard, It feels almost like a full-sized keyboard and is a pleasure to type on. I compared the weight to other keyboard cases and this one was one of the lightest weight, which is helpful when traveling. Yet, it still feels sturdy and solid. It is easy to open & start typing on your lap too. No need for a table or other hard surface. Plus, it is a fair price for a great product. I’d definitely recommend this one.

2.  Typecase Touch iPad Keyboard Case with Trackpad

The Best iPad Wireless Keyboard Cases in The US and UK
Typecase Touch iPad Keyboard Case with Trackpad 

The Best iPad Wireless Keyboard Cases
Typecase Touch iPad Keyboard Case with Trackpad   >> See product details

This case is just fantastic. I’m completely obsessed with the color. I feel like my iPad is really well protected. All you do is pair it and turn it on. Battery life is great, it’s easy to carry around, it makes using the iPad much easier. This case has so many different lighting settings on the keyboard, great for a dim lit room. Seven different ways to view and hold your iPad. Perfect for watching movies, showing presentations, Zoom meetings, typing a paper and coloring. Perfect for keeping your device protected with the versatility of doing so much more on your iPad.
The keyboard is just as any laptop keyboard I've ever used and better than most. I was skeptical about the track pad, but I'm glad I got this version that includes it. I actually use the track pad in combination with touching the screen. I don't think this actually turns the iPad into a MacBook, but it's darn close, and way less expensive.

Well, that's the best iPad keyboard case according to my research and opinion. Thank you for reading, I hope it's useful.

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