The Best Bike Phone Mount in The USA and UK

Smartphones are becoming increasingly useful to us riders thanks to a ton of ride-friendly training and navigation cycling apps. Naturally, this means more riders are looking to mount their phone to a bike. Using a smartphone mount while biking is a boon for anyone who wants easy access to their device. 

But with phone price tags approaching and topping the $1,000 mark, you want to be sure your device will stay firmly attached. After riding with several phone bike mounts over 100 miles’ worth of smooth and rough roads, I conclude that the Quad Lock mounts are the ones I’d use for my own smartphones.

The Best Bike-Mounted Phone Holders

The Best Bike Phone Case Mount for iPhone
Quad Lock Case for iPhone Devices  >> See product details

The bike phone mount you should buy if you have a high-end Apple iPhone because the vibration from all the other bike mounts destroy the aperture and the floating lens inside these high in phones. They get destroyed from the vibration and this is the only mount on the market that totally eliminates that issue.

Quad Lock Case for Android Devices
Quad Lock Case for Galaxy Devices  >> See product details

It's protective and sturdy without adding too much bulk or weight to Samsung Galaxy phone. Fits the phone perfectly and feels and looks great in the hand. Love the versatility of Quad Lock system too. I can mount phone on bike for Zwift sessions or switch to a Quad Lock Ring all other times.  

The Best Bike Phone Mount
Quad Lock Out-Front Mount  >> See product details

I really like this mount it’s very sturdy in riding my bike. Very well constructed and comes with three rubber inserts to accommodate different size handle bars. My only little gripe is that the phone case doesn’t intuitively lock into place without eying it up. My precious phone feels very secure when clipped on to the Quad Lock Out Front Bike Mount. It was easy to install and the mounting piece does not affect his ability to wireless charge his cellphone.  


The Best Bike Phone Mount in The USA and UK
Quad Lock Out Front Bike Mount for iPhone and Android  >> See product details

I really like this product. Easy to install and sticks well. Quad lock is simply the best system for attaching your phone to a bike or car mount. Really works well if you stick it to a plastic cell phone case approved by the Quad Lock folks. It just won't come off and it locks extremely securely to my bicycle quad-lock post. I did a 100 km gravel bicycle race over some very rough, wash-board roads and ruts that took over four hours and my phone didn't budge. Expensive, but worth it for the security.

Quad Lock makes some of the best fixtures and fittings for attaching your phone to your bike. Working either with one of its many dedicated cases or via a stick-on adaptor, this out front mount is perhaps the brand’s neatest option.

Putting your phone ahead of the bars both looks good and keeps it easy to read. Attaching with a simple twist, a colored lever needs to be depressed before taking it on or off, adding a degree of extra security. It’s a system so rigid we can't imagine any situation in which it might be shaken loose.

Well, that's the best bike phone mount according to my research. Thank you for reading.

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