Good Quality Apple Watch Bands in The USA and UK

If you're already own an Apple watch, you may want to personalize it based on your taste and preferences. There are some important factors to consider when choosing the watch band that will suit you best. Some of these factors are style, price and comfort. Though there are several different styles of Apple watch bands, not all could fit into a particular watch case, which is the metal covering found on a watch. 

You should know how the band links to your watch, and the length of the strap that you need. Other factors you need to analyze when deciding on the bands that are best for you are your budget and the materials you like - which might include leather.

Apple watch bands are available in a wide range of materials like leather, metal, rubber and synthetics. Among the synthetic materials, you can choose from denim or nylon. There are textile watch bands that are waterproof and which come with a single-piece construction. 

They either feature a hook & loop fastener or a buckle. Some synthetic materials that are not as durable as the rest are usually more comfortable to use and flexible, as well. Moreover, they come in a vast array of styles, colors and patterns.

Those who want watch bands that will last longer should go for metal materials. Stainless steel bands come in an assortment of types, including solid and folded watch bands. Folded types make use of folded metal to form the links of the band, while the solid types have solid stainless steel chunks to form the links. 

Additionally, these bands have different kinds of finishes to go together with your watch, like black, gold-tone or dual tone. The other metals consist of aluminum, gold and titanium. Leather is another material that is also known for its longevity. Another advantage of choosing leather is its versatility, because it allows you to look dressy, casual or sporty, and matches almost any type of watch case. 

In addition to this, leather can be smoothened, dyed in different colors, and can include contrasting colored stitches or different kinds of designs. If you want a watch band that lets you look more fashionable, choose any of the exotic materials available in the market, like the skin of an alligator or snake.

These skins can be dyed in different colors like pink, blue or green, or they can be left to stay in their original color. Every watch band can be sized by its width, which is the space between the attachment brackets on a watch case and its length, the distance required to encircle the wrist and attach the band. 

To adjust the length of some bands, you can remove the links from the metal watch brand, or use an adjustable clasp. There are other bands, though, that are flexible by nature, and which do not need any adjustment. Since the band's width is the most important measurement as compared to the mounting areas from the watch case, make sure to pick a watch band with the right measurement. 

Apple Watch Bands I Like / Recommendation

1. An Affordable But High-Quality Leather Watch Band:

Brown Marge Plus Genuine Leather Replacement Band for Apple Watch
Brown Marge Plus Genuine Leather Replacement Band for Apple Watch  >> See product details

Although it costs only about $10, this band was one of the favorites among watch lover because of its great-feeling leather and high-quality stitching.

Good Quality Apple Watch Bands
 Dark Brown Marge Plus Genuine Leather Replacement Band for Apple Watch  >> See product details

The band is really pretty and looks great. The leather is very soft and nice, and the color is exactly the way it looks in the picture. It looks great on the apple watch. My only negative is you will have to make an additional hole in this band to fit properly, because I have a small wrist.

2. A Classic Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band:

The Best Apple Watch Bands in The USA and UK
KADES Stainless Steel Link Bracelet Compatible for Apple Watch  >> See product details

This KADES stainless steel link bracelet looks a lot like Apple’s own pricier steel model but is nicely designed in its own right. It’s also the easiest steel band to resize. This band is for people who like the look and heft of metal bands but don’t want to pay Apple’s price.

This is an amazing watch band. The band is easy to adjust for different size wrists and looks really nice. I typically prefer the rubber apple watch bands because of the comfort, but I have worn this all day. It is comfortable and feels like a premium product. Good value for the money

3. A Sporty and Well-Constructed Soft Woven Canvas Nylon Apple Watch Band

A Sporty and Well-Constructed Soft Woven Canvas Nylon Apple Watch Band
Haveda Fabric Soft Woven Canvas Nylon Wristband for Apple Watch  

Good Quality Apple Watch Wristband
Grey White Soft Woven Canvas Nylon Wristband for Apple Watch  >> See product details

Nylon watch bands are less formal than traditional leather or metal but don’t look quite as casual as a silicone strap. They have a long history, with origins in military-issued watches, and can give a style that looks outdoorsy but still refined.

If you hate the silicone bands that come with the watch, this soft woven canvas nylon wristband  is the best thing. It is so comfortable to wear and still looks great with the watch. The fabric is very soft and light, it feels very nice on my wrist. The color is gorgeous in person. This is a great everyday band. I would just swap it out for an exercise band before any heavy workouts to avoid ruining it. Thankfully it's easy to change bands on the Apple Watch.

Well, that's Apple watch bands recommendation according to my research. Thank you for reading. May it be useful.

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