The Best Portable Surge Protector Power Strip With USB Charging in The US and UK

Buying a laptop can be very expensive, but having it repaired can be even more expensive, what with replacing some of the bits and pieces worth a lot of money. If you want your laptop to last for a long time, then you need to protect it from the inside with a laptop surge protector.

A laptop surge protector is a device that makes sure that electrical surges will not damage your laptop. They are also sometimes called surge suppressors. A usual design of a surge protector is a long rectangular box that provides several outlets so you can plug in other electronic devices. But now you can buy one made specifically for laptops, of course that can be a small device you can plug in between the laptop's adaptor and power cord.

An electrical surge means that there is an overflow of electricity that runs through the wiring. So, if your laptop normally runs on 110 volts, but you plug it in a 220-volt outlet, a circuit might be heavily damaged, if not burst, just like a balloon will if there is too much air blown in it. Blackouts also can cause electrical surges because the electricity rushes quickly back in once the power returns. Your laptop can be damaged with significant data loss, overheating, or it might just conk out altogether. 

Although some surges might not cause noticeable damages, it will wear down the components. This is where a laptop surge protector comes in. It works by diverting the extra voltage away from your laptop to another circuit so a constant and stable power supply will efficiently run your laptop without wearing it down. Although the adaptor helps in regulating the voltage, having a laptop surge protector is a guaranteed way in keeping your laptop safe.

Shopping around for a laptop surge protector is not that difficult because it is available in most hardware and electronics store. They can also be very inexpensive, with a price as low as $5. There are also some surge protectors that can be as expensive as $100 because of some extra features.

But if you're looking for a good deal, you might want to invest in a portable laptop surge protector so you can be assured that wherever you go, your laptop is protected from power surges. They can be especially handy when you have to use your laptop at hotels, where big equipment like air-cons, heaters, and elevators need regular power surges to keep them going.

With a cheap cost, you can definitely save more money because you don't have to pass by a repair shop to have your laptop fixed. Having a laptop surge protector assures that you don't have to worry again about power shortages or electrical surges that can break your laptop down.

The Best Portable Power Strips and Surge Protectors With USB Charging

There are many affordable portable surge protector power strip to choose from in the online market. After researching several portable surge protector power strip , I found that the following product are of the best quality when compared to other similar products.

1. Tripp Lite 3 Outlet Portable Surge Protector Power Strip 

The Best Portable Surge Protector Power Strip With USB Charging in The US and UK
Tripp Lite 3 Outlet Portable Surge Protector Power Strip  >> See product details 

The Best Portable Surge Protector Power Strip With USB Charging
Tripp Lite Protect It 3-Outlet Travel-Size Surge Protector  >> See product details

Tripp Lite's TRAVELER3USB provides extra outlets, reliable surge protection and USB charging capability for your notebook, tablet, smartphone and other portable electronic devices. Tripp Lite's portable TRAVELER3USB surge suppressor offers complete surge suppression for laptops, electronic notepads, personal organizers and other portable electronic devices. 

Compact and portable, it neatly fits into laptop travel cases. Comes with an 18 inch concealable cord allowing for ease of storage without scratching expensive electronics. With the addition of 2 USB Charging Ports, the TRAVELER3USB allows Road Warriors the ability to charge cell phone, MP3 Players and other portable devices more easily. TRAVELER3USB offers 3 total outlets which can accommodate a transformer, 2 USB Charging Ports and a diagnostic LED to warn of wiring problems and suppressor damage. Plus, $25,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance (USA & Canada Only).   

This is a great portable surge protector, truly reliable surge protection capabilities. The 18-inch cord adds a little extra bulk but gives you more flexibility than models that plug directly into the outlet. It's easy to install, has an indicator light. The pricing is good and I love the two USB outlets that I use to charge speaker and headphones and very convenient to use. This is small and easy to use, I recommend it. 

2. Accell Home or Away Surge Protector

The Best Portable Surge Protector Power Strip
Accell Home or Away Surge Protector  >> See product details

The Accell Home or Away Power Station is the ideal power solution for use at home or when traveling. It provides 612 Joules of surge protection to 3 grounded AC outlets and 2 USB charging ports. Featuring a folding power plug, the compact, portable design maximizes storage/travel convenience. The two USB ports (2.1A shared output) are perfect for charging mobile devices such as phones, tablets and MP3 players.

The best feature of this power station is the folding electrical prongs, I travel quite a bit and this product was a lifesaver, it is such a pain to plug in the electronic items I use when traveling for business. With this outlet I can plug in my laptop, charge my phone and tablet, and have room to spare in case I need it. I hate constantly plugging and unplugging my work equipment. This doesn't have a huge amount of outlets, but fits a travelers needs.

Well, that's the best portable surge protector power strip with USB charging on the market according to my research and opinion. Thank you for reading, I hope this information is useful.

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