The Best Innerspring Mattresses in The USA and UK

For the millions of people who suffer from back pains related to the way they sleep, it could be a very good idea to buy an innerspring mattress. The design of those inner coil springs are often recommended for their precise supportiveness in key locations. Instead of the uniform springs used in older mattresses, today's innersprings have evolved, and will differ both in the thickness of the coil, each coils diameter, and the number of bands which are contained in each spring. Combined, these facets are able to conform to a person's specific needs, providing excellent orthopedic support.

Another positive point for innerspring mattresses is their ability to conduct heat away from the body. Because most innerspring mattresses are encased in a cotton top, or other similar material, air is able to flow under and around the sleeping form, which prevents the person from sleeping uncomfortably as their body temperature fluctuates through the night. This alone is reason enough for people who have been plagued by "night sweats" for years, which is often simply a case of poor air conduction rather than any type of medical symptom.

The best mattress is always going to be the one that fits a person's sleep requirements, whether it is a memory foam mattress, an adjustable air mattress, or a more traditional but just as modern innerspring mattress. The plain truth is that different people have different requirements, and what works for one is going to be uncomfortable for someone else, or possibly even make a condition worse.

The cost of a good innerspring mattress is going to run anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand, depending on the style and manufacturer. The most expensive innerspring mattresses are still handmade by skilled craftsmen, and often cost two or three times as much as their lesser cousins. These high-end mattresses are often the choice of celebrities and influential political figures, but may be priced beyond the budgets of average families. 

Innerspring mattresses provide a buoyant sensation, thanks to steel coils that bolster layers of fiber and foam under a quilted top. If you feel too sunk in or hot on an all-foam mattress, an innerspring can offer more resilience, along with firmer edges, and intrinsically more airflow. The Molblly 12 Inch Innerspring Mattress and Crystli 10 Inch Innerspring Hybrid Mattress performed best in our testing.  

1. The Molblly Innerspring Mattress

Molblly Innerspring Mattress
Molblly Innerspring Mattress: Ultimate Motion Isolation Individually Wrapped Pocket Coils Mattress, Pressure Relief, Back Pain Relief & Cool Queen Bed  >> See product details

The Molblly innerspring mattress is designed with high-density open-cell foam, which is ventilated and breathable, and can adjust the temperature naturally, allowing you to sleep comfortably. Parents will never worry about their children sweating or catching cold in hot or humid weather.

2. Crystli 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress with Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

Crystli 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress with Innerspring Hybrid Mattress
Crystli 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress with Innerspring Hybrid Mattress  >>  See product details

This Crystli mattress is super comfortable. It's soft and very supporting at the same time. My back doesn't sink into the mattress like other soft ones but instead this mattress supports my entire body. The mattress' appearance reveals that it's very good quality product. It fit my bed frame very well. I got impressed by its quality since the price is lower than all the other options that I found on the internet.

As with any other product, the luxuriance and performance of the mattress will have a lot to with cost, much the same as the make and model of a new car will indicate the price range it falls into. In fact, a new mattress deserves as much thought as a new car, because it is likely to be used more often and for a longer period than any car.

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