The Best Foam Mattresses in The USA and UK

Good sleep calls for a good mattress. In fact, the amount of sleep that you enjoy per night relates to the quality of mattress that you use. In this brief writeup we shall talk about the best foam mattresses that are available in the market today.

If you like the feeling of sinking into your bed as opposed to resting on top of it, then a mattress made entirely or mostly of polyurethane foam (aka polyfoam) may suit you best. Mattresses made from memory foam tend to conform to your body and provide a “hugging” sensation as you settle in, but they can also make you feel stuck in place. 

Non-memory-foam mattresses are not as curve-contouring as memory-foam types, but they can be easier to move around on. Our guide to the best foam mattresses includes polyurethane foam options with or without memory foam. Foam mattresses come in a range of prices. Our lower-cost memory-foam mattress pick, the Novaform ComfortGrande, and our non-memory-foam pick, the Tuft & Needle Original, are each well under $1,000. 

1. Novaform Comfort Grande Plus Memory Foam Mattress

Novaform Comfort Grande Plus Memory Foam Mattress
Novaform Comfort Grande Plus Memory Foam Mattress  >> See product details

Best foam mattress under $1,000. Novaform Comfort Grande Plus Memory Foam Mattress is a great value since it’s made from layers of foam that are as dense (and probably as durable) as the foam in mattresses that cost twice as much. Testers loved its cuddly yet supportive feel, but some found it to be too firm.

2. TUFT & NEEDLE Adaptive Foam Mattress

TUFT & NEEDLE Original Adaptive Foam Mattress
TUFT & NEEDLE Original Adaptive Foam Mattress  >> See product details

The Tuft & Needle Original isn’t made with memory foam, so it doesn’t hug every contour. It has a soft top but a firm underlayer, so you should feel supported but cushioned at the same time.

Ordinary mattresses usually don't give you the comfort and relaxation that you need but this one is like a cloud that surrounds you. When you are sleeping and changing position, your partner won't ever feel a small tremble because the new foam structure is strong but soft. The air pocket gives this mattress stability, but don't take the comfort away from you. 

If are not getting a good night sleep at your current mattress then I can insure you that this amazing foam mattress will give you this sleep and will never fail you. One more good thing in these mattress is that it allows your body to breathe and not let you sweat.

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