The Best Electric Space Heater For Large Room in The UK and USA

Although space heaters generally shouldn’t be used to heat an entire building, they are a great way to supplement the warmth in specific rooms. Perhaps there’s an area of your home that has noticeably poorer heat distribution. Or maybe you want to save money by spot-heating a room instead of wasting energy by filling the entire space with hot air or pumping heat into a room with no one in it.

Maybe your office is too cold and you want a small, personal heater to keep at your desk. Generating heat can require significant wattage, though, and there are a few situations space heaters are not suited for we cover those in our section on space-heater care, maintenance, and safety. If you do think you may need a new heater, don’t wait for the cold weather to hit. Retailers usually stock space heaters seasonally, so prices and availability can fluctuate over the colder months.

To offset the chill in a drafty room or to give your home’s heating system a little boost, you may need a space heater. The Vornado is the best space heater for most people. A lot of space heaters can make you feel like you’re sitting in front of a hair dryer, but our pick warmed an entire room faster and more comfortably than everything else we’ve tested.


Vornado offers the best overall combination of heating speed and distribution, safety features, easy operation, and affordability. Plus, it’s just generally pleasant to live with. The Vornado was also quieter than every other fan-based heater we tested, emitting a soft whir that was barely noticeable even on high and generating a comfortably focused blast of heat that evenly dissipated into a room-filling, ambient warmth.

It’s simply the best space heater we tested. We found the Vornado’s analog dials easy to handle and intuitive to master, and we appreciate that it has a medium heat setting, whereas most heaters have only low and high settings. And although the Vornado is not particularly attractive, it’s definitely not ugly, a big win in a crowded field of unappealing design.

Vornado models we tested, proved significantly more effective than most other space heaters in our evaluation. In spite of the hotter temperature readings, the heat billowing also felt significantly more comfortable to sit beside than that of the other heaters. That’s because its fan design, what Vornado calls a “circulator”, distributed a gentle, even heat to every corner of the room, similar to what we observed in our testing of Vornado room fans.

The Vornado has every safety feature we look for in a space heater, including overheat protection, a tip-over switch, and certification. Though the tip-over switch might seem overly aggressive to some people, it’s ultimately for the best that mild inconvenience will help remind you that there’s only one safe place for your space heater, and that’s with all 4 corners touching the floor.

The Vornado has a slim, lightweight design that’s easy to tuck under a desk or in a corner. We found the controls on the Vornado simple, straightforward, and durable. The space heater offers three power settings one more than the usual low and high and a thermostat dial with seven settings. It has a red LED indicator that remains on when the heater is on and turns off when the heater is powered down but still plugged in, such as when the heater is automatically maintaining the desired temperature of a room.

The Best Electric Space Heater For Large Room in The UK

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