The Best Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner in The UK and USA

Cordless vacuums are so impressively convenient that they can feel almost fun to use. They are so easy, in fact, that plenty of owners are willing to overlook their many flaws, such as high prices and mediocre reliability. The best cord-free vacuum cleaner for you depends on your home and expectations of performance, but the first one we recommend right now is the Tineco Pure One S11.

The Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner in The UK
Tineco Pure One S11

The Tineco S11 is one of the lightest, most comfortable-to-use vacuums that also have enough cleaning power to work pretty well on most rugs. A unique dust sensor makes it easy for you to focus your efforts on areas that are actually dirty.

The Tineco Pure One S11 is our top pick because it’s pretty good at the important stuff, and it doesn’t have any major flaws. It sort of wins by default, because every other cordless stick vacuum with a similar battery life and cleaning ability has some kind of serious downside. 

The S11’s best trait is how comfortable it is to handle even during long cleaning sessions (you can realistically get about 30 minutes on a fully charged battery pack), as it feels lighter and easier to steer than any of its close competitors.

The Best Cordless Stick Vacuum in The UK
>> Tineco Pure ONE S11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

For the price, it did an above-average job of cleaning rugs and bare floors in our testing. While it won’t pull as much dust or hair out of rugs as some other models near this price, the S11 is strong enough that we’re comfortable recommending it considering its other advantages over its competitors. 

And based on an AI-assisted analysis of customer reviews, we’ve found that most S11 owners are perfectly satisfied with its cleaning power. The S11 also has a built-in dust sensor, which we found to be surprisingly helpful: Whenever you roll over debris, an LED ring changes colors to give you a visual cue that you’re actually vacuuming something. 

On big messes, the S11 automatically bumps up the suction, too. Like most cordless vacuums now, the S11 works with extra battery packs that you can buy to extend the run time (though they’re £80 each), and it can function as a handheld vacuum, too.

The Best Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Tineco Pure ONE S11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner: Smart Stick Handheld Vacuum Strong Suction & Lightweight, Cordless Handheld Vacuum Deep Clean Hair, Hard Floor, Carpet, Car >> See product details

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