The Best Christmas Lights in The UK

Christmas lights bring a unique glimmering warmth to your holiday season, or your backyard, your favorite dive bar, or really anywhere else, for that matter. After researching, interviewing experts, and testing different string light sets, we believe LIGHTNUM offer a combination of light quality.

Like all LED models, the LIGHTNUM  lights are safer, more durable, and longer lasting than traditional incandescent lights, and they barely draw any electricity at all. Among the LEDs we looked at, we found that the LIGHTNUM hues of warm white and especially multicolor closely matched those of traditional incandescents. 

The Best Christmas Lights in The UK
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They also have a tidy wire that doesn’t curl or twist, simplifying the task of draping them through a tree or storing them in the off-season. The bulbs should last for at least 10 holiday seasons, and you can replace individual bulbs if they go out (or you can just leave those; the rest of the strand will stay lit). Although you can use the Colorite sets outdoors, we think they’re best for indoor use, since the bulbs aren’t completely watertight. Overall, these lights offer better benefits and have fewer drawbacks than any other indoor lights.

The Best Christmas Lights

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