Shadow Fight Arena Review: Will It Be The Best Action Mobile Game?

This time I will discuss a game which in my opinion is quite interesting to discuss, and the game is a Shadow Fight Arena game with the genre of action, okay, let's go straight to the short discussion, okay?

Shadow Fight Arena is the latest Android/iOS action game that still doesn't know when its release schedule will be. This game was created by the NEKKI developer who also created the game Shadow Fight 3 which is predicted to be a competitor to Mortal Kombat in the action genre in android games. Still carrying the name Shadow Fight, it might be more interesting if the storyline is still in a straight line with Shadown Fight 3.


Shadow Fight Arena

In today's gaming era, most games are starting to enter the realm of PvP where many games include this feature. For the story itself, you can choose 3 characters who can accompany you to complete a mission, or fight with other players. Each of these characters has a unique ability that you can use to deal damage to your enemies.

In addition, there are many features introduced in this game, apart from PvP battles, there will be new heroes that you can play and of course these characters were not in the previous version of the game. With so many characters with different characteristics, it's clear that there will be different combos. Lastly they also promise spectacular battle animations and stunning graphics, will this be as promised? we'll just wait.

As for my personal opinion, the fighting or fighting genre is a little behind with hype genres like MOBA or FPS, so it's possible that this game is only a "side" game. However, of course there are still users who are "die hard" with the fighting genre, and this is probably the loyal user of this game. 

With this many features, users or gamers should feel at home with the game for a long time, and if there is a suggestion it might be more interesting if there is a scene where the enemy finishes off in the style of Fatality Mortal Kombat, because that is one of the strengths. the main draw of an action game like this.

Of course, the graphics and animation must be good and "wow", but this is also a double-edged sword, where many users will not be able to enjoy the maximum gaming experience. Maybe the specialty of this game is PvP, but I hope there will be a story mode that can be played, and items to strengthen weapons or strengthen characters are not too difficult to find, because most PvP games the weakness is that it is difficult to find power-up items to that matter. 


Shadow Fight Arena
Shadow Fight Arena Online PvP Mobile Game

Finally, maybe don't pay too much, because most users want to play the game for free, if buying skins or cool items is sold without adding stats, maybe it's realistic for developers. Honestly, I'm really looking forward to this game, if you really like this game, you can download here.

Okay, that was the opinion about the latest android fighting game Shadow Fight Arena, I hope this article is useful for all of you. If you have suggestions about applications and games that you want to discuss, you can comment in the column below, thank you!




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