Good Quality Portable Severe Weather Alert Radio

The world we live in is full of natural disasters. You've heard of major hurricanes, like Katrina. Or major earthquakes that shook the world with the devastation left behind, like in Haiti. In order to survive a major disaster, early detection is the key. With portable weather alert radios you have the ability to find out what is going on.

This wonderful technology has been around for years. In more recent years the technology has been greatly improved. Between the update in technology and the tower locations around the world, they are more vital to survival than ever before. You do not want to miss out on updates when you don't have power in your home.

With a portable weather alert radio you will be able to receive transmissions from the National Weather Service. Whenever a weather alert is broadcast in a particular region it is automatically picked up by the radio. This allows those who are listening to prepare for the weather that is approaching.

You probably have multiple fire alarms in your home to warn you of a fire. A smoke detector is essential to keeping your family safe and out of harm. Portable weather alert radios work in a similar fashion. When you have advanced warning of danger, you have a better chance of surviving it.

If there were a tornado in your area, the advanced warning can give you the time you need to ensure your family's safety. Those precious few minutes can prevent many lives from being lost as well as decrease the amount of serious injuries.

Before the alert is broadcast you will hear a 1050 Hz tone for 10 seconds. After the warning tone, the announcement will be made. Some models of these radios also turn themselves on when the alert is coming through. The first 5 seconds allows for time for the receiver (radio) to decode the alarm. The other 5 seconds is used as an alert. The alert allows you to make sure that you are listening.

You can find these radios in many shapes and sizes. The multiple sizes make it easier to carry with you. A desktop models, portable models, and hand held models that are equipped with a 2-way radio. You will find that most models are moderately priced, allowing it to be easier for consumers to afford.

You need to have a plan in place in case of a natural disaster. The plan should be reviewed and practiced at least semi-annually. An important part of the plan should include having a portable weather alert radio. The prior warning you receive with this device can give your family the time needed to keep them safe from harm.

There are many places where you can find a portable weather alert radio, many retail outlets, including electronics, sporting goods, department, and boat and marine stores, carry them. You can easily purchase them from the manufacturer of the product as well. 

For those who enjoy doing their shopping from the comfort of their own home, you can find them at numerous online retailers. Below I give some recommendations, which in my opinion the quality of these portable severe weather alert radios has a very good quality.

Good Quality Portable Severe Weather Alert Radio
Portable AM/FM Weather Alert Radio Transistor  |  NOAA Radio with Best Reception, Battery Operated or USB Charging, Alarm Clock, Time Setting, Earphone Jack, LCD Display for Home, and Outdoor  >> See product details

Portable Weather Alert Radio
Black Portable AM/FM Weather Alert Radio with Bandwidth Narrowing & AM Auto Tracking  >> See product details

Waterproof Portable Severe Weather Alert Radio
White Waterproof Portable AM/FM Weather Alert Digital Tuning Radio  >> See product details

Handy Portable Severe Weather Alert Radio
Skywave AM, FM, Shortwave, Weather Alert and Air Band Portable Travel Radio with Clock and Alarm  >> See product details

Small Pocket Severe Weather Alert Radio
Portable AM/FM Weather Alert Radio  -  Portable Transistor NOAA Radio with Best Reception, Battery Operated by 2 AAA batteries, LCD Display, Earphone Jack, Time Setting Pocket Radio  >> See product details

Cheap Portable Severe Weather Alert Radio
Portable NOAA Weather Alert Radio - Emergency AM/FM Battery Operated Portable Radio with LCD Display Digital Alarm Clock Sleep Timer  |  Best Reception Longest Lasting Transistor, Powered by 2 AA & Built in Speaker  >> See product details

Simple Portable Severe Weather Alert Radio
Portable Pocket NOAA Weather Emergency Alert Radio with Best Reception  |  AM/FM Weather Emergency Alert Radio with Stereo Speaker for Indoor and Outdoor  >> See product details

Best Portable Severe Weather Alert Radio
Black Portable Emergency Weather Alert Radio with SAME Technology  >> See product details

Multi Feature Portable Severe Weather Alert Radio
 Portable AM/FM/NOAA Emergency Weather Alert Crank Radio, Solar Powered, Hand Crank, Aux Music Play, USB Cell Phone Charger, SOS Alarm, LED Flashlight, 4000 mAh Battery   >> See product details

Portable Severe Weather Alert Radio
 5000 mAh Portable AM/FM/Shortwave NOAA Emergency Hand Crank Solar Weather Radio for Survival & Home.  Feature: LCD Display, Auto Scan, Reading Lamp, Flashlight, Headphone Jack, USB Phone Charger & SOS  >> See product details

Well, those are some recommendations from me, hopefully you are no longer confused in buying a portable severe weather alert radio.

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