Types of Commonly Used Ribbons For Crafts and Decoration

There is a huge variety of ribbons you can choose from when making your ribbon crafts. Ribbons can be made from many different fabrics and come in many different styles. The type of ribbon you use in your ribbon crafts will depend on which application you are using them for.

1. Satin Ribbons

Smooth and silky, satin ribbons can be single faced, with one shiny side or double faced with both sides being shiny. These ribbons are also very versatile and come in many colors and sizes. Ribbon crafts that satin ribbons are commonly used for are dressmaking, scrap booking, card making, embroidery, ribbon flowers, hair accessories and gift wrapping.

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Satin Ribbon
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2. Acetate Satin Ribbons

These durable ribbons have a shiny, stiff finish. They can come in solid colors or can have patterns stamped on them. Acetate ribbons can be used for gift wrapping, floral arrangements and wreaths, and wedding use.

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Acetate Satin Ribbon
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3. Velvet Ribbons

For a touch of luxury in your ribbon crafts, you can't go past velvet ribbon. It comes in rich colors as well as soft pastels. One side the ribbon is plain and the other side, the plush, dense pile of the ribbon is what gives it it's luxurious feel. Velvet ribbon is great for dressmaking, seasonal decoration and weddings.

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Velvet Ribbon
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4. Sheer Ribbons

Sheer ribbons are made from very lightweight, open weave fabrics such as organza, organdy and chiffon. They very versatile and come in a myriad of colors and sizes. These ribbons can be used in ribbon crafts such as dressmaking, scrap booking, card making, gift wrapping and wedding use.

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5. Moire Ribbons

Usually made from taffeta or satiny fabric, these interesting ribbons have a watermark effect. A nice ribbon for adding a bit of interest in your project. 

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Moire Ribbon
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6. Grosgrain Ribbons

Grosgrain are a heavier ribbon with thin horizontal ribbing. They are usually made from silk and come in a wide variety of colors. They very durable and are commonly used in scrap booking, card making, hair bows and dressmaking.

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Grosgrain Ribbon
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7. Wired Ribbons

The wire in the edges of wired ribbons help them maintain their shape. This is particularly useful for ribbon crafts that require bows.

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Wired Ribbon
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8. Jacquard Ribbons

The term jacquard ribbons is often used to describe ribbons with embroidery on them, but true jacquard ribbons are woven in such a way that the design is actually part of the weave of the fabric. Because of the way these ribbons are woven, there is a definite right side and wrong side. They give a very interesting effect to ribbon crafts that include dressmaking, home decoration, scrap booking and cardmaking.

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9. Lame Ribbons

Light weight metallic ribbons available in many colors. Use these when you require a bit of shimmer in your project.

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Lame Ribbons
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With so many ribbon types to choose from, you are sure to find one suitable for your ribbon crafts. 

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