Good Quality Satin Ribbons For Gift Wrapping and Decoration

Event organizers will tell you the importance of ribbons on their job. From the ribbons, they can create different designs for any occasions. Satin ribbons can be used for a number of purposes, but mostly people use it for decoration. 

You can use ribbons to decorate almost anything, from wrapping presents and wedding favors to anniversary gifts. They improve the look of the gift as well as increase the recipient's sense of anticipation. You can even choose to attach ribbons to your clothes to make them more colorful and attractive. 

Attaching satin ribbons to wedding gowns is quite a popular fashion these days. Many famous bridal designers, such as Oscar de la Renta, Jenny Packham, Elizabeth Fillmore, Vera Wang and Monique Lhuillier, are already making use of satin ribbon accents in quite a few of their collections.

Here are a few great wedding decoration ideas using satin ribbons:

1. Wedding Invitations

You can use satin ribbons tied up as bows to dress up simple one page wedding invitations. If you are trying to keep your expenses low and making the wedding invitations yourself, satin ribbons can be a very simple yet beautiful add on. All you need to do is to punch two holes in the paper using a hole punch. 

If you want a classic tailored ribbon, take a piece of the ribbon and then put it through the holes on the front side of the wedding invitation. Then you cross the ribbon at the back, pulling the ends of the ribbon out through the opposite hole in the front and you have a perfect bow for your wedding invitation.

Satin Ribbons
An example of invitation that uses a satin ribbon decoration.

2. Wedding Jewelry

Incorporating satin ribbons with your wedding jewelry is a great way to add grace and elegance. Use a satin ribbon to tie up a strand of pearls instead of using a basic clasp. This is a nice way to add flair to the jewelry that the bridesmaid will wear. You can also add a satin bow matching the color of the bridesmaids' gowns, giving the perfect finishing touch to the bridesmaid dresses.

Satin Ribbon
An example of jewelry that uses a satin ribbon decoration.

3. Ceremony Venue 

Use satin ribbons tied as bows and put them on the ends of the church pews. You can also use them in combination with flowers and other decorations. If you are trying to keep the expenses down, using ribbons tied up as bows for wedding decorations can turn out to be the best option, while giving a festive look.

Good Quality Satin Ribbon

If you want to buy satin ribbons, going online is a good choice. You can get access to a wide range of materials and designs at online stores. Below I give you some recommendations, which in my opinion these satin ribbons are of good quality and beautiful.


Gradient Satin Ribbons For Gift Wrapping and Decoration
Gradient Rainbow Double Side Satin Ribbon for DIY Handmade, Hair Bows, Floral Designs, Gift Wrapping  >> See product details

Best Rainbow Quality Satin Ribbons
Wide Colorful Gradient Rainbow Double Side Satin Ribbon for DIY Handmade  >> See product details

Best Purple Satin Ribbons
Purple Double Face Satin Ribbon  >> See product details

Best Black Satin Ribbons
Solid Color Black Satin Ribbon for Gift Wrapping, Crafts, Hair Bows Making, Wreath, Wedding Party Decoration and Other Sewing Projects  >> See product details

Best Green Satin Ribbons
Emerald Green Wide Single Face Satin Ribbon  >> See product details

Best Silver Satin Ribbons
Solid Silver Double Face Satin Ribbon Roll  >> See product details

Best Gold Satin Ribbons
Gold Double Face Satin Ribbon  >> See product details

Best White Satin Ribbons
White Double Face Satin Ribbon for Weddings, Gift Package, Wrapping, Dancer Wand, Sewing, Party, Hair Bow, Invitation, Decorations.  >> See product details

Best Hot Pink Satin Ribbons
Hot Pink Satin Ribbon  >> See product details

Pink Satin Ribbons
Wide Pink Double Face Satin Ribbon  >> See product details

Best Red Satin Ribbons
Red Christmas Satin Ribbon for Wedding Favor Craft Wrap, Christmas Party Supplies  >> See product details

Best Blue Satin Ribbons
Blue Solid Color Satin Ribbon Assortment for Gift Wrapping, Wedding Gift, Baby Shower  >> See product details

Best Silky Shiny Satin Ribbons
 Fabric Ribbon / Silky Satin Ribbon Rolls  >> See product details

Well, those are some recommendations from me, hopefully you are no longer confused in buying satin ribbons.

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